Ese momento en el que sabes como debes hacer las cosas, pero tu buscas la manera de no hacerlas, ya que quieres ver si un milagro puede salvar tu situación.

Goreno J+R

Que chulo sería que tu y yo no tuviéramos que tener cuidado o escondernos para darnos cariño o demostrarnos amor.

-Goreno JR

Yes, Im afraid to love.

I´ve never been in love, or at least that is what i think. Once i saw my best friend crying like a child because he broke up with his boyfriend, i realized don´t want to be in a moment like that, maybe i can´t imagine me suffering or what ever. Maybe i am afraid to express that much for someone who doesn´t have a clear idea of what really wants. The worst is that im so afraid that i think this dont let my feeling spread out, as i think it should be.