Que chulo sería que tu y yo no tuviéramos que tener cuidado o escondernos para darnos cariño o demostrarnos amor.

-Goreno JR

Yes, Im afraid to love.

I´ve never been in love, or at least that is what i think. Once i saw my best friend crying like a child because he broke up with his boyfriend, i realized don´t want to be in a moment like that, maybe i can´t imagine me suffering or what ever. Maybe i am afraid to express that much for someone who doesn´t have a clear idea of what really wants. The worst is that im so afraid that i think this dont let my feeling spread out, as i think it should be.


Holaa :) me ecanta tu blog :) Chauu cuidate

Gracias! me alegra que te guste!

De repente te vi en mis pensamientos de una manera muy sexual. Te besé, acaricié tu cuerpo y te imagine en la cama deseando que yo no pararse nunca mas.